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Mahayag Place!!

all over Mahayag

Mahayag is the focus. The detachment term (Lungsod), on account of frequent barangay around. There are prevalent articles that can i appear here in mahayag, just like if you void to agricultural, aside from agricultural, if you absence to accumulate, equitable like rice, corn, or difference product absence to, just visit here in Mahayag, have prevalent trees, din countless water, although on account of lower than man. hehehe!!! There had been a time embrace prevalent people, visit here in Mahyag just like if they embrace a fiesta, around barangay had been visit here in mhayag, Mahayag abides the focus place. There are frequent barangay dependent the mahayag, embrace a 29 barangay, Tuboran, Salug dako, deflate salug, kabuntongan, ther are prevalent 29 barangays around them.

mountain plz.

Imagine life sa mga kapwa natin namuhay dito nagkahirap narin, even konti lang ang gagastusin nila dito. Even the plant nag hirap na ang kanilang buhay, just see the leaves. Diba konti nalang ang natira. Hope someday, makaiwas na tayu sa ganitong sitwasyon.. But never mine about that, just look for the day will come, and see for your future. Your dream is still alive…


Hon. Aurora E. Cerilles, have a short message, to one of the first class provinces in the Philippines, our dear Zamboanga del Sur!

Together with my constituents, I, being the local chief executive, take pride of our bountiful province as she plays a lead role in building the national economy. Our vast and rich agricultural resources have transformed Zamboanga del Sur into one of the leading corn and rice canisters in Western Mindanao Region, and at the same time the prime supplier of various species of fishes, to include lobsters, prawns, crabs and other crustaceans both in the local and international markets.

As a show window of nature, Zamboanga del Sur never lags behind in terms of the eye-catching and alluring lakes, beaches, rivers, water falls, cold and hot springs, green and thick forests as well as the protected and preserved woods — the pristine forests in the municipalities.

Considered as the one of the booming provinces, Zamboanga del Sur hopes that the national government will give an eye on her as a gem and help push her economic frontiers towards attaining maximum productivity.

Finally, we rest our hope in the League of Provinces of the Philippines as we find it as a potent mechanism in the exchange of various developmental strategies and information technology among provinces, thereby aiding the 79 member-provinces in the whole Philippine archipelago to reach the pinnacle of socio-economic and agro-industrial advancement, especially so, in launching this praiseworthy project, the PROV.NET.

Tuboran is a barangay of Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur,Tuboran in “bisaya” means “Tubod” source in English.Because it is TUBOD (BUGNAW JUD KAAYO). It means source of life, source of wealth, source of love from heaven, meanly it means source of Water, which it has many pools on it. Mahayag have been the center of the Salug Valley area and servesas the gateway to Dipolog, Pagadian and Ozamis City. It’s topograhical location is veryconducive to vacation and other family affairs. it offers a wide array of fresh lush vegetation and a variety of choicesin its mountain terrains best for mountain climbing and picnics. Barangay Tuboran situated at the foot of Mount Malindang they too offer every fresh water and it is now highlighted by pools name; Tuboran Eriberta (Saniel Pools). This pools are one the proud tourist pot of Zamboanga del Sur.

This are the view of

another view!

if you want to comprehend more about this place, due visit additionally see more view “http://www.tuboranspring.webs.com/” it’s so nice place.. You are not wasting your time if you want come here in this place.. ok Just go here!! Eriverta View!!

It’s due to admirable place, sometime accomplished my family her in this Fall, happy kayu na complete your family makasama mo sa lugar na to, for those people he was not visit here in this set, just contact with me i’ ll the one to be guide with you, if you are not comprehend where is it, if you comprehend much better… (Kita kitz lang tayu doon..) Enjoy your life!!

onather view of spring resort

The best in Eriberta Spring. Unceasing flow of water from deep love of God to the place Tuboran which means SOURCE, really source of water that supply almost whole of town Mahayag.
“Ingon ani ka nindot ang flow sa water, hope nga ingon ani pod ka nindot ang flow sa atong Life.

eriberta spring

Mahayag is also rich in naturals resources reserve. Tuburan, a remote barangay on the eastern part of the town, is famous for its cold and freezing natural springs. Three private resorts and swimming pools were put up to cater adventurous spirits.

fall!! Eriberta, Tuboran Spring, Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur own and manage by the family of  Molave Mayor Flavio Saniel Jr. Resort gifted by unceasing flow of water, it has naturally cold, clean, pure and transparent appearance,also value the beauty of natural symmetry.  About seven kilometers from the town proper, Mahayag. Well developed resort, have cottages in very affordable prices, Eriberta, Tuboran Spring has a wide ground and comfort air-conditioned safe houses with bath and toilet inside. Have spacious conference and meeting Hall. Beautify by natural creations such as Landscape, ponds with friendly fish, trees, singing birds, and toning water.

Tuboran is a barangay of Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur,Tuboran in “bisaya” means “Tubod” source in English.Because it is TUBOD (BUGNAW JUD KAAYO). It means source of life, source of wealth, source of love from heaven, meanly it means source of Water, which it has many pools on it.Mahayag have been the center of the Salug Valley area and serves as the gateway to Dipolog, Pagadian and Ozamis City. It’s topograhical location is very conducive to vacation

MusipyoMahayag is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

The town’s name comes from the Visayan term “hayag” which means glowing.

The municipality of Mahayag was once a sitio of Molave, which in turn, was then a barangay of its mother municipality of Aurora. The area was largely forested during post-war era. Early settlers of the area had endeavored so hard for the creation of another municipality as they were motivated to pursue further development which could be enhanced by having a distinct political subdivision from the municipality of Molave as well as of its own identity. To realize this dream the Late Zacarias dela Torre and Pedro Alquizar donated a portion of their property to become the present town site.

This is the map of Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur!


Imagine this place very small but every abundant of water and you want.. Hopefully for those people who can not visit here, you are welcome here, and most of all in my Tuboran spring.. And for those not know, just visit this site and see more view from Tuboran spring.. just type ” http://tuboranspring.webs.com “.

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